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Luscious bombshell and APN favorite Arabelle Raphael looks delicious in this hot BothicSluts update. She’s getting hot in the kitchen and changes what’s on the menu. Looks like we get desert before dinner! I love when she gets right up on the counter and opens that hot ass. The sexy black lingerie, stockings, garters, and heels, plus the cool environment really give this a nice fantasy vibe. Arabelle Raphael certainly is a treat I’d like to come home to. This is another good mix of pin-up photography plus hot explicitly detailed photos from the BlueBlood crew and it’s always great to see more sexy Arabelle Raphael! Just take a look at those amazing tits too. Wow. There is a lot to like here.

GothicSluts: Sexy in the Kitchen with Arabelle Raphael
Blue Blood’s Gothic Sluts writes:
Arabelle Raphael
has one of those classic faces, like I feel like she should be in an elegant movie from another era. In honor of this, Forrest Black and I photographed her in her vintage style lingerie, nekkid on a friend’s kitchen counter. This is very much erotic portraiture and some of my favorite kind of work to collaborate on. Arabelle is intelligent and fun to be around and I love how this set turned out. I hope you all do too.

–Amelia G
GothicSluts: Sexy in the Kitchen with Arabelle Raphael


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